Sunday February 07 , 2016
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SAP Shipping Solutions

Shipping With SAP Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

When it comes to distribution and fulfillment, SAP shipping systems can do a lot for your business. If, however, your business relays on shipping products to your customers, SAP falls a bit short. If you were not aware, SAP software does not offer shipping execution as part of its standard product. We call this the shipping “black hole”.

To fill this black hole, businesses running SAP have two options: 1) integrate an external shipping system with all its costs, complexities, and on-going support;, or 2)consider implementing a native SAP business add-on that allows enterprise users to rate, ship, and track their small parcel and freight shipments without ever leaving SAP. Nexxio's SAP shipping platform is a global multi-carrier, multi-modal shipping system that is certified by SAP and your carriers. It quickly and easily installs into your existing SAP landscape (in its own namespace; and since it’s leveraging your existing investment in SAP, you can deploy shipping to any plant, anywhere in the world

It's also easy to use. From a single scan, our native SAP transaction retrieves order information from a standard SAP Delivery/Shipment, weighs, rates, ships, and prints all required labels and documents. Once shipped, the Delivery/Shipment is automatically updated with freight amount and tracking number, and can even trigger PGI if you need it to. In fact, because our solution is a native SAP transaction, there is not much that it can’t do.

When it comes to shipping, shipping systems for SAP should be easy to use. It should easily fit into existing workflows and adapt to new business requirements. It’s all about making shipping straight-forward, fast, accurate and landscape native; and that’s why millions of packages each year are shipped on systems provided by Nexxio.

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SAP Multi-Carrier Compliance

Our SAP landscape-native solution ensures that you consistently meet carrier requirements for rating, routing, labeling, and EDI. Standard carriers supported include:

  • Australia Post
  • Canpar
  • DB Schenker
  • DHL
  • DHL Global Mail
  • Eastern Connection
  • FedEx Ground, Express, and Freight
  • GLS
  • Lone Star Overnight
  • OnTrac
  • UPS
  • UPS Freight
  • UPS Supply Chain
  • USPS
  • Purolator
  • TNT Express
  • Trans-o-flex
  • LTL (Less than Truckload)
  • TL (Truck Load) using PC Miler
  • Freight Forwarders
  • And more carriers

Strong carrier compliance ensures faster, more accurate shipping, reduced transportation spend, and enhanced enterprise visibility of all shipping and delivery activity.

Other SAP Native Footprint Logistics Solutions

Carrier Selection Automation for SAP

Rate shopping helps your business lower transportation costs by allowing your business to rate shop for the lowest shipping method across multiple carriers and modes...right from within SAP shipping software. Users can select carriers and service levels from standard SAP transactions including Sales Order and Delivery. Query parcel and freight rates for bids and quotes. Our rate shopping business add-on is a full-featured, multi-modal rating transaction that resides natively within your SAP landscape.

Packing & Shipping Automation for SAP

If standard SAP packing functionality does not provide the level automation you need to quickly pack and ship customer orders, our SAP Packing Automation Component might get you the process improvement you are looking for. Not only does this component utilize standard SA packing functionality, it allows you to integrate both packing and shipping into one single process. Creating and shipping Handling Units in SAP shipping systems is not always easy, so before you invest a lot of time in trying to automate this through customization, look at our Packing and Shipping Component.

SAP Export Filing

If your business requires you to ship internationally, you may have the requirement to file your export information (formerly Shipper’s Export Declaration) electronically with U.S. Census via AESDirect. Our SAP Export Component eliminates the need to manually file and maintain product and customer information via the AESDirect web site. Rather, this native SAP shipping system component allows enterprise users to automatically file Deliveries and/or Shipments as part of an SAP transaction, and then monitors the status of those filings and automatically updates the Deliveries and/or Shipments once an ITN number has been issued by AES. This export compliance functionality is a Certified SED/EEI Compliance solution.

SAP Denied Parties Screening

Inaccurate international shipping can result in huge fines. With the regulatory environment continuously changing, penalties and sanctions are getting costlier and stiffer. Nexxio’s Trade Compliance Component is an easy-to-use solution that enables you to quickly and efficiently screen your partners and customers against one of the one of the most comprehensive databases of restricted and denied parties in the industry. Since this is a native solution, you will (from within SAP shipping software) be able to maintain compliance, accurately identify restricted parties before goods leave port, avoid fines, penalties and sanctions and maintain an audit trail of your screening activities to reduce risk.

SAP Enterprise Freight Auditing & Analytics

Freight rating and billing errors are a common and costly problem for businesses that ship product. With up to 30% of all carrier invoices billed incorrectly, the result are millions of dollars in over payments. Auditing and paying freight bills are very involved business processes, which results in consuming vital resources, or is outsourced. For businesses running shipping systems for SAP, there is now a ready-to-use solution. Our auditing and analytic business add-on for SAP is a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that allows your enterprise to collect, aggregate, audit, and analyze shipping and billing information across all your carriers.

SAP Carrier Selection Automation

Have you ever wanted to estimate freight or rate shop across all methods of shipment at the time you are creating a Sales Order or Delivery? Our Carrier Selection Component is a native solution that provides enterprise users with access to carrier rates when they need them, and the ability to select a least cost carrier on a Sales Order by Sales Order basis, regardless of Plant location. Let us show you how you can reduce your transportation spend with this native SAP shipping software Add-on.

Correct and Validate Addresses in SAP

Innocent addressing errors can add up to big money. The Data Warehousing Institute estimates that poor contact data costs U.S. businesses a staggering $ 600 billion dollars each year. The on-time delivery of a customer's order begins with a valid and deliverable address. If all components of a shipping address aren't correct, then at best you'll incur fees from carriers and at worst you shipment won't get to your customer as promised. Nexxio's address validation for SAP is a native business add-on that provides address correction and validation functionality right from many standard SAP transactions including Sales Order, Customer Master, Vendor Master, and Business Partner. Once implemented our address validation component interactively verifies, standardizes and appends data to ensure you have validated the deliverability of each address every time. SAP shipping systems can ensure that all addresses are correct as they should be.

Contact us today to get information about our SAP shipping software, or for any further inquiries that you may have. We will be pleased to provide any assistance that you may need.





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SAP "Shipping Black Hole"


5 Reasons to Consider Native SAP Shipping

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