Thursday February 11 , 2016
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Address Validation for SAP

Nexxio specializes in providing address validation solutions for businesses running SAP. Correct postal address for domestic and international addresses is an essential requirement for effective and cost-conscious Master Data Management. When creating or maintaining the business partner, users are interactively informed by means of the correction proposal function, which they can accept. The address data is checked on a fault-tolerant basis and validated against a current reference stock. Address validation is carried out online via the use of web services, and can check the addresses of 240 countries.

Address validation is available in all applications that use Central Address Management (CAM) or Business Address Services (BAS), for example, customer, vendor, central business partner, SD documents and purchasing documents. In a batch procedure, both stock data and data that is created via an interface in the SAP® system is validated. Address validation can be called up from the SAP® portal or NONSAP ® applications via an RFC-capable functions module.

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings for postage and advertising expenses
  • User-friendly input thanks to input support
  • High quality of data with standardized addresses
  • No additional server required in online scenario
  • No update costs of reference data
  • Flexible use aligned to your requirements
  • Customized addresses can be included easily

Adddress validation solutions for SAP are delivered as two different components:

Online Check

The address validation function protects against incorrect entries in the standard transactions for creating and maintaining master data, or if a different address is maintained in the sales document. In the online check scenario, MAC-VAL directly accesses an ASP Service. If the entered address data is not correct, the user is displayed a result with correction proposals.

Batch Check of Data

The existing master data is corrected in the batch check and automatically changed in the master record. The batch check is scheduled as an SAP® job and can run simultaneously to normal productive operation. Batch validation is performed against the reference data, in the same way as the online check. If several results are found for one address, for example, Maple Way/Maple Street, this is made available in a clearing monitor for further processing. In the clearing monitor, the correct address is selected easily and in a user-aided manner, and the data is changed in the master record automatically.

The existing address data is checked again and changed through the delta check, which takes place at regular intervals. Costs are thus reduced, as the data does not need to be checked completely, and it is ensured that the master data used is up to date.

Click to see Video
Click to see Video

Key Functionality

Key functionality includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Check of national and international addresses
  • Check is made online via an ASP service
  • Completion of missing address fields, such as postal code, street and city names – these are recognized and the correct entry is proposed
  • The addresses are standardized
  • No further installation required for additional countries
  • Simple integrated support in SAP®
  • The scenarios for ERP, CRM or IS are set up in Customizing
  • Different procedures can be set up for individual countries
  • Input support for Call Centre staff by selecting street/postal code/city
  • The stock data is checked in the background and changed automatically
  • Delta check of address data for a defined period
  • Clearing monitor for manual rework
  • The check can also run on location against a DQ server

For more information on this and other SAP Add-Ons, please call us at 214-526-0014 or send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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