Saturday February 13 , 2016
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Businesses running mission critical logistics execution systems need a dedicated, dependable, and experienced support team. Nexxio’s Professional Services Organization (“PSO”) is comprised of a team of industry experts who possess an in-depth understanding of logistics execution, logistics data, and integration and deep technical knowledge. This knowledge, combined with a distinct customer focus and broad business understanding, helps Nexxio deliver value to our customers by accurately specifying the scope of a logistics solution, bringing the project in on time and at cost, and always responding quickly to critical support issues if they arise.

Nexxio’s PSO has three functional areas:

  • Implementation and Support Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Programming and Integration Services

Our extensive experience in logistics, supply chain management, integrating logistics data to front-line business operation and enterprise applications, and the complexity of business operations, makes Nexxio uniquely equipped to assistance any business of any size.

Providing shipping technology and shipping solutions is our mission at Nexxio. Our technical support organization has primary focus on maximizing the investment you’ve made in logistics solutions. We provide support packages, each of which has been designed to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

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